Moving the Goalposts

Michelle Fields, a former reporter for Brietbart News (which, incidentally, has had a pro-Trump slant since the beginning of his race), alleged that Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump's campaign manager, assaulted her after an event a few weeks ago.

When news of this first broke, Michelle posted a photo of her bruise to Twitter, and shortly thereafter an audio clip recorded from the incident was released.

To illustrate how goalposts have moved from the beginning of this incident, let me recap the changing talking points from Trump sycophants:

"Michelle Fields is a serial liar and out of hundreds of people at the event, no one saw anything. If Lewandowski assaulted her, let's see some proof."

video of incident is released

"You can't see anything from this video. If anything actually happened, Fields should press charges."

Fields presses charges

"I can't believe she's pressed charges! What an attention whore. If anything actually happened, Lewandowski would get arrested."

Lewandowski is arrested

additional video is released

"Trump is loyal and believes Corey is innocent. If he wasn't, Trump would fire him as his campaign manager."

Trump fires him as his campaign manager


Much eye-rolling ensues.

If this were the only incident where the goalposts have been shifted at each stage, that would be one thing. But Trump appears to have made this a habit.