About Me

Hi. I'm Dan. Thanks for checking out my little spot on the Internet.

I'm the founder of a small software studio in Austin, TX that helps startups and small teams turn ideas into working products. We have a strong focus in creating beautiful, user-friendly experiences for our clients.

Here are a few things I've helped build recently.

You might also know me from Breakup Notifier, a site I wrote that went viral a few years ago (unfortunately, it's no longer running).

About This Blog

This site is hosted on Amazon CloudFront which points to an origin bucket on Amazon S3. The directory structure and files are generated by Jekyll, a static-site generator.

The site uses the latest semantic markup as recommended by the W3C and is built with a 56k modem philosophy in mind (for those who grew up after dial-up, that's a codeword for using as little bandwidth as possible). For instance, you might notice that no images are automatically loaded in posts; if you'd like to view an image, just click "Load Image". I'm working on a site-wide toggle to turn this on or off If you'd like to autoload all images, just click the corresponding option in the footer.

Stylesheets are generated by Compass, a Sass framework, which are then compiled to CSS, minified, compressed, and cache-busted. A similar process is performed with JavaScript. All HTML pages are written in Markdown, converted to HTML, minified, and then deployed.

My build scripts are currently closed source, but at some point I might publish them on GitHub if enough people ask me too.

If you want to reach me, just send over an email. I receive a lot of email, so it might take a while for me to get back to you. I do promise to read every email I receive.

Thanks for reading. :)

- Dan