WWDC 2015 Wishlist

Here's my list of things I'd be overjoyed to see fixed / announced / released at WWDC 2015 next week.


  • Deep linking support. Let apps define associated URLs (https://twitter.com/* –> open Twitter.app).
  • Really want to hide my carrier and clean up that status bar. Such a mess right now.
  • It's time to modernize the UI for Notes.app and Reminders.app. iOS 6 was years ago.
  • Save alarm and world clock data in iCloud. Re-adding this on every device is really tedious.
  • Export Health.app data or save it in iCloud with a password. At the moment, it's not shared between devices and will be lost permanently if you don't have an encrypted local iTunes backup of your device.
  • Needs to be a way to close all tabs in Safari without tapping the screen 50x times. Absurd.


  • Search that actually works. Right now this is the only reason I still have the Gmail app still on my phone. I open it up whenever I want to search for a message.
  • Send from an alias like Gmail web client lets you.
  • Better UX for labeling threads.


  • (I've mentioned this on Twitter) Fix the UX with reviews of physical locations.
  • Public transit support.
  • Improved traffic data.

App Store

  • Search. Need I say more?
  • Direct refunds without iTunes support involvement.
  • Responding to reviews would be nice.
  • Expire old reviews (1yr+) when new versions of app have since been released.

Safari (OS X)

  • Reopen more than the most recent closed tab in Safari.
  • Paste images into web pages.


  • Stop beachballing so darn much.
  • It would be nice to stop an archive action without needing to restart the app.
  • Debugging extensions is currently a huge pain. It would be nice if it were easier.

Added 6/7/2015

Photos on OS X

  • "Show in Finder"