My Favorite Tweetbot Mute Filters

You can click on any of these to add them to your Tweetbot.


This mutes tweets that @ reference three or more users.


This mutes tweets with absurdly long hashtags.


Mutes tweets shorter than 17 characters.

^(C|c)urrent status

Mutes tweets starting with the text “Current status”.

^[ ]*\.@

Mutes publicized replies (e.g., tweets that people prepend with a period to show to everyone). I generally don’t find these interesting, as they’re sometimes out of context.


Mute tweets that consist only of uppercase characters, whitespace, and punctuation.


I don’t like cursing, and the whole poopin’ meme is weird.

I just met you

There was a time when people made “I just met you” jokes on Twitter constantly. It may have cooled down since then, but I wouldn’t know.

true story

I dunno, I just got a little tired of this one.

nobody,? ever

Mutes all tweets of the form “[outrageous statement] – said nobody, ever”.

If you have any other mute filters to recommend, please post them in the comments!